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Mint Satoshi Nakamingos

I am Satoshi. We are all Satoshi.

Welcome to the UnOrdinalary Aviary!! These Mingos are a little fkn crazy. CLOSE THE DOOR QUICK!

A collection of us -- Satoshi Nakamingo. No whitelist. No pre-mine. No allocations. No influencoors. No marketing. No BS. Just 100x100 pixel all-original, hand-created Nakamazing. Inscribed forever on our chain. Collection will be listed on all marketplaces after mint.

We are curating the premier collector community on the premier blockchain, powered by the premier BRC-20. Collectors will be eligible to receive weekly $ORDI drops, as we continue to build out our collector community. 2024 is going to be our year, collectively. We have many things in store for our fellow Nakamingos. All of this will become obvious in time, but for now above all else, let's have fun, make a scene, and break some shit. Maybe even f*ck around and do some blow with bitboy.

If you're a little bit f*cked in the head, we welcome you. We Fly. Together. We are Satoshi

9950 / 10000
Mint Price:
0.00001899 BTC
~0.0003961344 BTC

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