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Mint Bitcoin Puppet Card

Just the start of a fkin card game, where the goal is world peace

"K-hole", "Touching grass", "Make world peace", "Smoke weed", "Satoshi dealer", "Goin to 0", "Bullish on puppet", "with love", "Not a corpo", "For the culture", "Only Art", "Dreamin on lsd", "Like a horse", "literally nothing", "To the moon or not", "Washtrading", "Glue sniffer", "Cream eater", "White rabbit master", "Dragon Chaser", "Can dev do something ?", "Sleepin", "Vibing", "CCO Owners", "Wine drinker", "Cigaret smokin", "real otaku art", "dust sniffer", "Blackout", "Broken brain", "standing for autism", "just walkin on a park", "ass eater","Hodling like a pro", "Decentralized vibes only", "Smart contracts wizard", "NFT connoisseur", "Bull market warrior", "Blockchain explorer", "Mining the future", "ICO enthusiast", "Shilling on social media", "Trading the Satoshi way", "Crypto art curator", "Node running master", "Defi degenerate", "Tokenomics expert", "Altcoin whisperer", "Lambo dreaming", "Moonshot specialist", "Blockchain philosopher", "Degen farmer", "Web3 pioneer", "DAO advocate", "Staking for life", "Meme coin aficionado", "FOMO warrior", "Rekt survivor", "Satoshi's apprentice", "Whale watcher", "Liquidity provider", "DYOR evangelist", "Smart wallet operator", "Crypto party planner", "Quantum-resistant believer", "Deciphering whitepapers", "Laser eyes activated", "Token airdrop hunter", "Decentralized governance geek", "Cold wallet guardian", "Rug pull expert", "Degen gambler", "All-in on meme coins", "FOMOing into every ICO", "Crypto poker face", "High-stakes trading", "NFT roulette player", "Liquidity pool surfer", "Token flipping master", "Sh*tcoin slot machine", "Yolo on every token", "Pump and dump survivor", "Risk management fugitive", "Stablecoin daredevil", "Moon or bust mentality", "Leverage junkie", "Airdrop addict", "ICO slot jockey", "Reckless margin trader", "Blockchain casino VIP", "Lambo lottery winner", "Whale hunting in the ocean of red", "Token jackpot seeker", "Crypto roulette strategist", "Dust trading artist", "Apeing into every new project", "Degenerate yield farmer", "Flash loan dance", "Defi casino regular", "NFT gambling tycoon", "DAO poker night host", "Decentralized poker pro", "Tokenomics roulette", "Risking it all for airdrop dreams", "Smart contract slot player", "Laser eyes at the crypto craps table", "DeFi slots champion", "ICO blackjack strategist", "Blockchain roulette analyst", "Crypto dice roller"

657 / 10000
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0.000269 BTC
~0.0003537952 BTC
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