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Mint Free Flow Light Art

Tonny van Bree is a well respected artist in the light painting scene. He creates his own light painting tools and sells them online. With this ordinal you can own an authentic work from Tonny and order the same physical art work with 5% discount. All physical art works will be signed by Tonny and includes the ordinal sat id. If you want more information about the physical art works or light painting tools send an e-mail to: [email protected]

This is a collection of 100 real photographs. "With this special photography technique I can share my passion of playing and creating with light directly with you. The part in the human being that can stay awake and create from the heart in a flow of freedom and childlike playfulness. The process is the most important, but the art as result from it is a gift. Feel, See and Experience it from your unique personality." - Tonny van Bree

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