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Are you a Creator? Artist? Community Builder?

InscribeNow.io can power your collection minting & inscription process from A to Z. We are one of the earliest OG Ordinals launchpads, and did over a hundred thousand inscriptions for over a hundred collections and dozens thousands of happy inscribers. We are also the most reviewed service in the official Ordicord discord - see reviews in our official Ordicord thread.

How it works for creators?

You simply submit your collection and configure it with collection images and some general data like mint price, date, per-user limit, collection title, icon, pre-reveal image, social links, mint funds recipient address etc. The collection will instantly become mintable and you can start directing your users to it. Upon confirmation, the collection will also appear in our global Mint section for general public access. It's completely free for creators to launch with us!

How it works for collectors?

Collectors wishing to mint a collection simply click the Mint button on your dedicated collection mint page. This picks the desired number of items (randomly or sequentially) and reserves them for 60 minutes - for the collector to make an inscription deposit. Upon confirmation, the end users receive the revealed inscriptions in their provided wallet. Done - quick and simple!


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